An Earthship is an off the grid building designed for autonomous and self-sustained living.
It’s a unique design that combines smart construction, renewable energy sources and eco-friendly methods to produce a zero impact living space which offers the features and comfort of a 21st century home.

More info:

This Is the Earthship

Looks a Bit Like A Hobbit’s Home

It’s a Weird Looking Building

But, it’s Weird in a Very Cool Way


Okay Last One, I Promise (it’s not the last one at all)

It’s Off The Grid

But In No Way Primitive

In Fact, It Has ALL The Features of a 21st Century Home


You Have Renewable Power

And Recycled Water For All Your Needs

Best Yet – Passive Heating And Cooling

Yeah, Even In The Winters

You Have a Garden and Can Grow Delicious Veggies


Or, Whatever You Like

Or Maybe Just Grow Spice For Your Smoothies


Dude, This is Totally a Win For Your Health

And Spirituality, If You’re Into This Stuff

It Will Unlock Your Creativity

Maybe Even Too Much

Little To No Bills (maybe internet)

Imagine This Is Your Backyard View

And You See This Every Night

So, You Want One ?


Yeah, It’s An Unique Construction

This Is Your Brick – Fuck Yeah Recycling

And These Are Your Brick’s Little Brothers

It’s A Lot Of Hard Work

But You Can Make It Yourself

And It Can Be Really Fun

You’re Always Going to Find An Eager To Help Friend

Or… Twenty…


It’s Cheap Too, Built On Freebies (mostly)

But It’s Rock Solid Baby

The Earthship Is Eco-friendly And Self-sustainable

You Can Build It In Most Locations

And Make Your Own Community

Focus Your Time On Things You Like To Do

And Be Genuinely Happy

Reconnect With Nature Without Detaching From Society


And Remember Who Is The Genius You Need To Thank