Ricky van Broekhoven is a sound designer. He records and creates sounds that briefly live in mind. I’m a designer focused on expanding what can be made. My ceramics 3D printer makes handmade ceramic objects that last.

Our initial idea was, “what if we could turn sound waves into a thing?” What if a 3D printed things could “record” its environment as it was created? What if objects could encapsulate and memorize events through the sound frequency?

With this core idea, we started to experiment and work together to use my 3D printer along with Ricky’s extensive knowledge of modern technology and tools in sound. We created a rig and mounted this below the build platform of the 3D printer. Ultra low-frequency sound waves were created, and these waves caused Moiré patterns to emerge on the objects as they were 3D printed. We are continuing to explore sound waves, 3D printing materials, and want to do more research on this topic.

More info: studiovanbroekhoven.com | oliviervanherpt.com