3 Professional Photographers decided to approach complete strangers in downtown Los Angeles and offer them free portraits. The 11-minute video below shows all the struggles the photographers went through to get the final shots – giving themselves only a couple of minutes with each stranger.

More info: youtube.com

The photographers try photographing in a park, but are immediately kicked out by security who tells them that they need a permit. They end up going downtown to avoid any trouble

One of the photographers holds up a sign in front of a busy intersection in Downtown LA to attract attention and get people to stop. It didn’t work out very well

A young girl from Tokyo who was out shopping, agreed to stop for a quick portrait

Two co-workers were hesitant to get their photo taken – almost walking away from the photographers. After some talking they agreed to do a portrait together

A man who was taking a smoke break posing for his portrait

Another woman who was out running errands and getting tacos stopped to pose for a picture. The whole ordeal lasted less than a minute

Watch the video below to see all the portraits and how the photographers got their shots