Our family isn’t traditional; we are more of the new normal. Two fathers Paul and Manny along with Adelaide and Augustus who came into our world in 2014 via surrogacy. They are the joy of our lives.

Halloween is my favorite event of the year and the moment we found out we were having twins (a boy and a girl), I immediately started thinking of family costumes. I always want to make Adelaide the main character since she is the girl of the house so every year we make our theme around a strong female lead.

For 2018, keeping with our tradition, we decided to be The Masters of the Universe, where She-Ra and her twin brother, He-Man, protect the universe together against villains Hordak (Manny-left) and Skeletor (Paul- right).

The costumes were challenging to make especially Hordak but with Paul’s help, it finally came together. The Hordak costume took about 2 months and is made of faux leather, plastic bones, cardboard and a lot of patience. Skeletor was also a bit difficult especially building the hoodie with the chest piece which was made of faux leather and wire.

I created He-Man from a combination of DIY and pieces that I found on the internet like the muscle shirt. I let Augustus’ hair grow naturally for about 3 months since I knew he would have refused to were a wig. The only challenge then was to spray his hair orange. Adelaide’s costume, on the other hand, was commissioned to her specific size and details since I didn’t even dare to try making leotards with my limited sewing skills.

The kids helped choose the theme and were very excited through it all. We also took and edited all of our pictures.

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Halloween 2018 – Masters of The Universe

Adelaide as She-Ra, Our Warrior Princess

Augustus as He-Man, Our little Hero.

Paul as Skeletor, He-Man’s Villain

Manny as Hordak, She-Ra’s Villain.

Halloween 2015, 2016 and 2017