Something wicked this way comes! These 19 horses could not be less excited about Halloween than you are. Wait until you see #15!

As Halloween is getting closer, the anxiety rises amongst those who are indecisive. Yet, seems that nobody suffers more throughout this holiday than the pets around the world. And when I say pets, I mean horses.

As dogs hop around as cute little lobsters, or whilst cats fine tune with the holiday and cast their magic spells, it is bit more harder for our equine friends, though they may be excited for the upcoming holiday. Nevertheless, who is to blame them when you are virtually limited to whatever you can make out as a horse costume for the Halloween?

As Halloween is just around the corner, and as everybody is scrambling around to put a good looking costume, here are some ideas how you can entertain yourself even more by finding the right Halloween costume for your horses. Well, some of them do not look quite the happiest, but still… See some of the horses costume here at Bored Panda, and return on HorseBeatt to see some more:

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#1 Underneath that Cheshire Cat mask is one uncomfortable and discontent horse

#2 Can’t touch this. Those water wings are absolutely flawless

#3 Can I expect a hula dance from this horse?

#4 Why are you trying to change this horse to a sheep? Isn’t it horsing enough for you?

#5 C’mon…everybody knows that Spongebob shrivels up if he’s on the ground for too long.

#6 “This is so demeaning.”

#7 So disappointed…

#8 I need a hero…

#9 Isn’t this the ‘Scooby Doo’ Mystery Machine Horse?