I’m a travel blogger based in Hungary, and I spend most of my year globetrotting.

To remember my travels, I like to get local souvenirs. My fridge is already an overwhelming art installation with thousands of colorful magnets, so I am always looking for some unique tshatshkes (that’s Yiddish for cheap souvenirs).

These were the most amazing/disgusting/awful/exciting souvenirs I found in 2016.

Snapping crazy souvenirs is not my focus while I travel. I create videos and explore new places.


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R-rated souvenir of the year

I found this R-rated souvenir in a lovely resort town, called Hajdúszoboszló in southern Hungary.

The resort town is famous for its medical spa and wellness facilities. It’s located on the southern edge of the country and a favorite spot for locals and visitors.

This souvenir was so odd that I had to purchase it. It’s a fridge magnet, a bottle opener and an arousing/disturbing image at the same time.

I found this on the promenade at a local night market in the town center.

Note: the mahagony brown skin tone probably shows a well-burnt Hungarian who spent most of his holiday time in the resort town’s nude beach under the sun without sun protection. Always wear sun screen!

Note2: there are no nude beaches there!
Note3: I was wrong. I checked their website and there is one small nudist section. Go Hajdúszoboszló! www.hungarospa.hu/en/

Talking of sun protection…

You can smuggle your booze in these plastic sunscreen holders to the beach.
I snapped this picture in New Orleans.

Note: You only need to cover up your drinks on American beaches, the rest of the world has no issue with you enjoying a beer on the beach.

Cosy toilet seat cushion

This is a “musthave” for all of you who do not like to sit on a cold toilet seat.

This is a toilet seat cushion that comes in all the colors of the rainbow. They are water absorving and comfortable. Boah..

Found on a street market in Shanghai, China.

Toilet seat cushion DELUXE edition

This has better fluid absorvation and greater ergonomic structure for better business conducting.

The X-mas edition comes in fluffy pink with snowdrops.

Found at a street market in Shanghai, China.

Chocolate condoms

These delicious condoms come in two flavors: blueberry and strawberry.

Such a weird snack.
Found in a souvenir shop in Beijing, China.

Female marshmallow pads

This is one truly disgusting souvenir candy to take home from Beijing, China. The young girl on the pink cover is another disturbing element.

Who would buy this and why?

Not a sex toy

Mexican wrestling masks found in the Mission district of San Francisco

They double as a sextoy and Halloween mask unles you really want to wrestle.

Weird dog mask

I found this in Carmel, California. This city loves dogs so much that the owners can get down on all fours and play with their puppies like that.

The mask is extremely scary yet elegant.

Victory serpentine throws

This is not what it looks like. These are huge serpentine throws that could have been used for her victory celebration. Found in Las Vegas, Nevada.

No dirty (pun intended) political comments please.

Funky political poster

Obama meets Mao meets Che Guevara – a poster remindig everyone about democratunism.

Found in Shanghai, China.

Paper portraits

Have your portrait created from a single cut out paper. Unique souvenir found in Shanghai, China.

Jesus and Germs

The holiday dining table is not complete without these holy napkins.

No explanation needed.

Found in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bling-bling safety

Los Angeles must be a dangerous place. That’s why the stlyish Cali girls and boys can protect themselves with this chrystal pepper spray.

It was seen in Cosmopolitan, so it must be very trendy.

Found in Santa Monica.

World Champion in err what?

I was in Catania, Sicily for a few days this year. The narrow streets, the orange trees, the amazing food oh… Italy is wonderful.

And then on one corner, I came accross this shopwindow.

This is an award for a world champion. It has the French flag over the shaft, which makes it an international gift.

If your child ask you what’s on that picture, tell them it’s a gigantic finger!

Punk horses

Enough of the boring plants already. This will spice up your home. The horses are punk with fancy grass.

Found at Hotel 1 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Rouge plant

A friendly pot of plants.
Found at Hotel1 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Lock & Load

Giving experiences for X-mas is a good idea. Yet, everyone outside of the USA looks at this ad with a fake smile.

No, you should not shoot with machine guns for fun, no matter how fun it is.

Seen over the Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach, Florida.

Best deal of the year

Buy 150 USD for only 2 USD. It will come in shredded tiny pieces, but even if you throw them out at the window or use it as confetti, it is worth it.

Found at the US Mint Souvenir store in Washington DC.