I’m Martin Nittala, a photographer born in November 12, 1999. I started my life in India, Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry. I’ll bring honor to my parents and brothers. I recall having my brother’s phone at the age of 15 and taking it to my terrace where I started photographing. A few days later I bought my first camera Nikon coolpix p520. At that time I didn’t have much knowledge on operating a DSLR, and for many days I taught myself how to operate it by watching YouTube tutorials.

Photography have always been a part of my life. Without it I can’t imagine my life. I have dabbled in many stages of life. Photography has led me to explore the world around me. Life is not about what you couldn’t do, it’s about what you still can.

In course of time, I started to take photography more seriously, started to think about what I want to say with my pictures, plan everything, draw sketches, and pay attention to minor details. I began to control more and more aspects of my work. I like creating tales of my own and the easiest way to do this is by taking control over all the objects with your camera. I understood that still life photography is something I could become good at, so I decided to make it my profession.

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