Worried if something bad will happen to you as you travel? These 15 gadgets will help you stay safe & sound while traveling abroad. Whether you are worried that somebody will steal your money or ID card, or that a disease might spoil your favourite traveling days ahead, these gadgets can help you stay alert during the days ahead in the next unknown city!

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Bluetooth trackers could keep you have your luggage safe and sound!

The Defender 24/7 connects with your smart phone and can save your life whenever you go. The gadget also has a higher concentration of pepper available

There are hi-tech foot warmers that could transform your winter traveling around, as they are equipped with advanced thermal technology

If you are visiting a place that has issues with supply of clean water, you can purchase a smart bottle that will purify the water for you! Hence, no health risks!

This tech gadget will enable you to have communication even when you are off the grid. In ideal situations, it enables you to send messages in a radius of 50 miles.