Niam is 14 years old with Autism and minimal speech and comprehension. He started painting two years ago. As any proud mom, I started posting the paintings on Facebook. My friends began sharing the posts, people and art collectors across North America started purchasing Niam’s Art. Now Niam’s arts is in high demand. An accidental artist, or through divine intervention, Niam has become independent, is learning life skills such as banking, is happy and has a bustling career. Niam paints his emotions and feelings in layers on the canvas allowing the viewer to have a conversation with him. The world is his canvas and anything is possible. Niam has been featured in the media many times with his abilities being recognized by art appraisers. He was notably featured on CBC National, Global News and was part of an amazing Samsung Canada Campaign. Niam also models, enjoys singing, playing the piano and watching every movie that is released.

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South African Ocean Waves

Purple Flowers

The Garden Of Hope: Stunning Gorgeous Painting of the representation of the feeling of hope in a blooming garden

Niam Painted Forest Adventure: A multitude of colours blended in 5 layers.