Only a cat lover can understand that good feeling when our favourite pet is around us. I made this list of things my family would like to have in our home so that we can surround ourselves with beloved feline pet. I have a beautiful furry cat at home, but this is not enough to show my love. So I decided to add more Cat stuff around me. And this is what I have found. I Wish I could buy all the stuff listed, but I have to be satisfied with a few, rest will be my wishlist.

Cat Puke Toothpaste Dispenser

This Cat will puke directly on your toothbrush, still you will enjoy the toothpaste. It is innocent, and does not change the taste of toothpaste.

Cat Head Rest Pillow For Car

Many times we give our lap to Cat so that she can rest her head. It is now her turn to return the favour.

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Cat Face Tote Bag

Get the company of this furry cat wherever you go for shopping.

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Whole Cat Shaped Bed in the House

Cat Face Bike Helmet to Keep Us Safe on Road

Make your Hollywood fantasy come true by wearing this helmet while driving your bike.

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Black Cat Stockings For Girls

Cat Shaped Egg Mold

Children would love to have this in breakfast, and this will make the task of mother easy to feed the kids.

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Cat Pop for Cupcakes

Share your cupcake with this grumpy Cat, and make her little happy.

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Cat headphones with LED light

Ladies look more attractive when they wear this geeky headphones.

Giant Cat Shaped Couch

It is Cat’s turn to give you a big hug.

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Grumpy Cat Middle Finger Decal

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