Hi, I'm 39 years old somethinglikeanartist from Czech republic. In my work I'm constantly occupying myself with the dead. Recently I got the idea to buy human skeleton model - and I succeeded! I wanted to use it just for one photo but then I decided to make whole serial with it. 

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I created a completely new life of this skeleton by making installations with it in different places. I'm taking it with me to the trips in the nature in the backpack on my back. I have no car so it's quite heavy load but it's good for my body condition. It became something like my friend or my symbolic double. You could comprehend my serial like a parody on human effort to enjoy the life or metaphore of afterlife. But final meaning and interpretation it's on you!

More info: deardoise.webnode.cz

#1 The Bear Garlic 2

The Bear Garlic 2


GlassOfWater 1 week ago

I find this slightly disturbing...

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#2 The Bicycle 2

The Bicycle 2


GlassOfWater 1 week ago

Feel the wind blow through my ribs!

#3 The Grave Relax

The Grave Relax


GlassOfWater 1 week ago

That's cool

#4 The Home

The Home


Cukie 22 hours ago

how does he drink anything

#5 The Tree Meditation 2

The Tree Meditation 2


GlassOfWater 1 week ago

Waiting for your crush to ask you out...

#6 The New Life 2

The New Life 2


#7 The Pasque Flower

The Pasque Flower


GlassOfWater 1 week ago

That awkward moment when you go to smell a flower but then realise you can't coz you're a skeleton and don't have a nose.

#8 The Bear Garlic 1

The Bear Garlic 1


#9 The Bicycle 1

The Bicycle 1


#10 The Inflatable Sunbed 1

The Inflatable Sunbed 1


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