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Clever Ads Show That Science Can be Fun

Science World museum in collaboration with Rethink Canada created a series of brilliant ambient and billboard ads dedicated to promoting science in Vancouver.

One of the most eye-catching ones was probably the 6000$ worth of billboard covered in pure gold with the words “2 oz. of gold can cover a billboard”. Two ounces may not sound like a lot, but just in case, Science World hired two guards to look after it day and night. That’s just one example of the clever science promotion campaign. The ambient ads included smartly placed factoids, giving out funny, interesting or sometimes even gross information right on the streets.

The whole campaign shows that science is as cool as you present it. So if your kid just won’t stop yawning during a science class, maybe it’s not entirely his problem..?


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  • Martie Heath-Sinclair via Facebook

    LOVE this! Of course, I am a science geek!

  • Annette Picard via Facebook

    Comme d’habitude, genial !

  • Jeff Hearn via Facebook

    Great fun

  • Maltreting via Facebook

    Now the only thing I need to know is how many pencils I utilise to fart out one baloon ;-)

  • noe

    How come a Chinese lady is in “Japan gets 1500 earthquakes per year”????

    • Anonymous

      science my friend :)

  • Dennis Paul

    Really cool ones!

  • Keli Clark-Stowe via Facebook

    Fantastic idea!!

  • Keli Clark-Stowe via Facebook

    Fantastic idea!!

  • Daurhie Avery véga

    Was this experiment texted on what must have been the texture because majority of hair textures from other races must be experimented in order for this to be approved as accurate.

    Was the length of the hair experiment tested on straight permed or naturally silky hair , dry curly nappy or curly silky hair, and since it is true that each race is unique with their own hair and scalp genes. It may have been incorrect to only use one or two hair types from one or two races in this experiment and majority of races must be tested to conclude and prove the data of this arguement correct.

  • jibberldd5

    Are there actually real mosquitoes on the ‘Mosquitoes love blue’ one?

Author:   Date posted: Oct 11th, 2012
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