Everybody asks me the story of the red dot quite a lot. Actually it has a special meaning for me. Hence I will give you some boring personal details about myself. My story as a designer started when I was studying German Philology at Hacettepe University. I was already working as a graphic designer back then to support myself. I was expecting to be happy doing what I like, but after my graduation I realised my life is not going in the direction that I wanted. I have tried many jobs. I worked as a window-dresser, purchase manager, trade specialist and who knows what else. The more I tried, the more miserable I became. I was pretty sure about that; it's impossible to be happy at work and doing what you like at the same time in this corporate world. I was underpaid and unhappy for years until it was making me sick to think about going to work, waking up everyday unhappy. I got fed up at the end and decided to quit my job.

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I started to draw at that time to feel good and after a while I thought “I should turn this drawing into tattooes. They look good on skin!” I gave it a try at home and I figured it's the job I want for all of my life.

Learning period was painful for me because I didn't know any tattoo artist. Since I couldn't get any help or tips, this period took longer than it was supposed to be and it passed by trial and error but after few months I have already started tattooing poeple whom I don't know of.

Suddenly I was out of that soul crushing work routine and I was so happy to do what I like. I wanted to reflect this on my work and I honoured this change with the red dot. I like black tattooes and I didn't want to involve colors thats why a bright red dot was the best choice to catch a contrast with a pitchblack tattoo. It also created a contradiction to burdensome times in my past and It was to symbolise hope and courage. My customers like the idea of the red dot and they started to give meanings to their own dots. It was health for one, happiness for another, a lost relative, a planet or just a sinking sun. Two years has been past since my first tattoo. During this time I tattooed hundreds of people from all around the world. I listened their stories. I have became part of their lifes and I helped them to carry their stories on their bodies with secret symbols.

I work at our own studio with my friends that I got a lot of help and information after a lone tattooing adventure.

Now I work with people that I admire side by side and I do what I like to do. Therefore, I hope this post helps people who need of a change in their life and think its too late to catch their dreams.

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The Red Dot: Before And After


Kati 1 month ago

My fave!

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The Red Dot: Before And After


GalaxyInAJar 1 month ago

This one is stunning, wish I could upvote more...


The Red Dot: Before And After


Mark Robertson-Baker 1 month ago

I LOVE this!