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Abandoned Baby Squirrel Rescued By Filmmaker, Becomes Best Friend

This is the story of Rob the Sri Lankan palm squirrel and how he was rescued after his mother left him alone in the wilderness.

Paul Williams, a filmmaker working with BBC Wildlife, found Rob as he was walking through the forest. He thought the baby squirrel was dead until he saw a twitch of life. After wrapping the squirrel up for warmth, he left it in a safe spot nearby tree, hoping that its mother would find it. When he checked in the morning, however, he was still there. It is unclear why his mother left him, but she may have been captured by a predator.

That‘s when Williams broke out the big guns, talking the rest of the BBC Natural History film crew into using their high-tech thermal imaging cameras to search the trees for potential squirrel nests. After they failed to find any, Rob joined the film crew.

In order to help Rob regain his strength, Williams has been feeding him with a syringe filled with formula. Baby palm squirrels feed from their mothers for up to 10 weeks, which is probably why Rob has been so trusting of the film crew, which provides him with food and cozy places to sleep. Williams, however, eventually had to say goodbye – he has returned to the UK, leaving Rob with a high-class hotel in Sri Lanka that will feed him until he is ready to leave.

Source: Paul Williams (via dailymail)

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    Oh my god so cute!!! Squirrel!

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    awesome! :D

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    Fernanda Contreras

  • Marla Bennet

    My husband, a tree trimmer, has rescued a few squirrels whose nests he has disturbed. We have nursed them with syringes and baby bottles, from skinless and hairless with a rat tail, to furry and fluffy-tailed, till they were ready to leave the “nest.” And they did go back into the wild. We couldn’t hold them back.

  • Hyung Bin Lee

    너무 귀엽다 >_<

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    Not quite, but two doGs saved me :)

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    Hopefully, the baby can grow up and live well.

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    Двойное удовольствие…

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    Sweet and touching :)

  • Knitter Skeeter

    Sweet and touching :)

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    and now- your moment of awwwwwww.

  • Tee Stejskal

    and now- your moment of awwwwwww.

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    With those stripes- isn’t that a chipmunk?

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why it’s necessary to pose the poor animal all over the place – on booms, concrete, in teacups, steering wheels??? I mean – it’s nice of him to save the creature, but then to pose it all over instead of being gentle and nurturing? Nice guy, but a bit daft when it comes to what is best for this abandoned baby: nutrition, warmth, natural environment (how about lugging a few branches into your hotel room and letting it clamber around there?), gentle touch. If you can’t provide that, take it to a sanctuary.

    • ls1200

      That was the cuntiest reaction to a cute story I’ve ever seen!

      The internet never ceases to amaze me.

      • Terry

        “Cuntiest” new word I learned today :D

  • Lizzie Mills

    I saved two birds: a plover and a cormorant.

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    Der pennt ja die ganze Zeit! Aber süüüß….

  • GDD2010

    We (family and I) are the rescue in our area. It is illegal to have them as pets or to care for them unless you are a registered rescue group (we did it through our game and wildlife warden). We just started soft releasing “Charlie” a week ago. He misses us and spends time during the day playing with us. They do have quite a personality and love to play around.

  • chris frank

    amazing….i wish all people would treat chipmunks like that and not wish them harm because they eat their gardens or nest in them.
    they are beautiful and playfull creatures!