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15 Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in Lego

Alex Eylar, a 21 year-old artist from Oakland, California recreates famous movie scenes using Lego bricks. The concept and idea isn’t really that new (we already had 30 Creative LEGO Reproductions by Balakov here on Bored Panda) but it ‘s nevertheless an interesting collection.

I’m an enormous film fan and when I was growing up everybody had a big bucket of Lego or knew somebody who did. I started collecting Lego when I was about five and the collection just grew until high school. Now I’ve got around 30,000 pieces.” – says  the artist.

Eylar, who is studying for his Master’s degree in screenwriting at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., says it’s the photography that takes the longest because he needs to get the effects right – and that could lead to days of work.

Website: flickr

1. The Shining

2. American Beauty

3. Harry Potter

4. The Addams Family

5. The Exorcist

6. The Godfather

7. Psycho

8. Star Wars

9. A Clockwork Orange

10. Mission: Impossible

11. Pulp Fiction

12. The Social Network

13. The King’s Speech

14. James Bond

15. Inception

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  • TC

    This is so cute and yet so nerdy! Someone seems to have alot of time on their hands! They must be a collector too! I love how the backgrounds are all made of legos as well! (: Goes to see everything you can do with legos!

  • Internet Addict

    I have seen only Psycho and The Adams Family movie and its nice to see the lego copy of those movies scenes :)

  • Alejandro Arroyo

    One more of Lego, cool!

  • Integraphix Chicago Marketing

    Amazing – simply amazing. I love the Inception and American Beauty pics.

  • zi

    oooh they r soooo cute !!! i liked bond and  pump fiction the most !!!!

Author:   Date posted: Mar 8th, 2011
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