We wrote about our project – Secret lives of street cats in Riga, but now we would like to show you the other side of NO LONGER homeless cats all over the world.

So, what about the cats who have been saved? Did you know, that approximately 2.7 million shelter animals are adopted each year (1.4 million dogs and 1.3 million cats).*

You can post your cat’s photo on Instagram with the #newhome hashtag to be feautured. @catcare.community is inspiring to share your saved cats photos, so the world could see that there is a chance for everyone.

*Data from aspca

More info: Instagram

Brother and sister in a new loving home just 2 weeks ago

Usinsh and Muris in a loving home

Puzik and Pele were taking from an animal shelter Tutti. Today they both are a babysitter to a little 1,5 year girl

Saved from the street. His owners will never throw him away.

Girl Chille was taken from the street 7,6 years ago

Leo and Bella. Leo (white-black) cat was found at the street 3 years ago. Bella was saved 2 years ago

Luis XIII came to the owners by himself from the street and is living happily with the family now.

Lulu adopted from the shelter 11 years ago

Molly and Alis, both of them are taken from the street

Big Sherlock and little Stella. Sherlock was found on the street, but Stella is from the shelter

Two cute girls, one from the street, the second in from the shelter. It was hard for them to become friend to each other.

Manul was taken to a family form the street. There are living 3 more kittens with him

Mother with 2 kittens

Lovely Amely was adopted from the shelter Tutti