I’m a self-thought photographer and dogs are my second biggest passion. I enjoy watching dog photos and I admire some of the best dog photographers like Sophie Gamand or Alicja Zmyslowska. I noticed that most of dog’s photos on the internet are thoroughbred dogs. Of course is understandable as such dogs are usually beautiful and well trained, so results of their sessions are outstanding. However I believe that crossbread dogs can also be a pure beauty.

Misza is a 2,5 years old mongrel, adopted when she was a puppy. We tried some training but she is a kind of rascal with too much energy so we managed to teach her only the necessary basics. For the past few weeks I was taking also my camera for our morning’s walks. It’s quite hard to convince her to posing so my pocket always had to be full of dog’s tasty treats. I hope you’ll enjoy results of our autumnal walks.

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