If you could choose any place in the world and wear it, where would it be? Through my Kickstarter campaign, any place in the world can be designed into a minimalist jewelry map, so you can take a memory and wear it.

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For the past few years, I've been turning street maps into jewelry. I started with a collection of nine cities close to my heart. Requests to create new maps started flowing in, and I decided to develop a system that allows anyone to design and create their own.

Your hometown. A memorable stop on a long road trip. That small street where you finally got the courage to kiss… Which place is closest to your heart?

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#1 Paris Map Statement Ring

Paris Map Statement Ring

TeliaSari Report

Jesus Wäre 1 year ago

Can you make a map of the Death Star?

#7 New York Map Necklace

New York Map Necklace

TeliaSari Report

Ry Keener 1 year ago

It is Central Park (the Solid Square) and Broadway (the curving line)!!! AMAZING!!!!

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