Forbidden Spot is a new space in Prague opened in April by an art label Life is Porno. One of its parts is an art gallery full of thousands of colors. It features “signatures”, tags, throw-ups, splashes, pieces and paintings of dozens of artist, who cooperate with the label.

The Forbidden Spot is a creative place open for public. You’ll find the Life is Porno streetwear store, as well as café or mini ramp here. Plus, there is a “tasting atelier” where you can get something small (but crazy) to eat from chefs of a progressive food project Forbidden Taste. If you visit Prague, the address is Bubenská 1 (Prague 7).

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Forbidden Spot and the art gallery is ran entirely by artists

Image credits: Lukas Biba

Dozens of street artists, graffiti writers or painters signed the Forbidden Spot, with many exhibitions to come

Image credits: Petr Hricko

It’s probably the most colorful art gallery in the world. And one of the most photogenic for sure, too

Image credits: Michal Kubala

The gallery features many well-known graffiti writers such as Daor (RCLS / Show Must Go On)

Image credits: Honza Burkert

It’s easy to get lost in colors. This is a creative director of Life is Porno Jozef Dian

Image credits: Kubo Krizo

Forbidden Spot is in Prague’s Holesovice Art District

The building on the address Bubenska 1 has several other interesting projects under its roof. Definitely a must visit in Prague if you like art and fashion.