Can you imagine dinning in a restaurant in which you decide how much you’ll pay? Or have you ever thought dining in the sky? Did you know that there is a restaurant located in a former toilet? Sounds crazy, right? No matter how crazy it sounds, such places that provide such strange and unusual dinning concepts really exist. We present you the dinning places you have probably never think of nor heard of.

Cafe That Charges Only For The Time You Spend There

Ziferblat, a cafe that was first opened in Russia and later in London, works on the concept ‘pay per minute‘. In this cafe you pay only for the time you spend there, no matter what or how much you eat or drink. The cafe provides comfortable environment in which you can hang up with friends, while settling like you are at your home. Pick your favourite snacks or biscuit, pick some fruit and take a cup of coffee from the professional coffee making machine, and feel free to accommodate in some of the dining tables available. Before leaving, check the time you spent, and pay 1.5 cents for each minute, and that’s all.

What About Dinning In The Dark?

Can you imagine dinning in a restaurant without seeing what are you actually putting in your mouth? The Dans Le Noir restaurant, provides you such unusual experience for dinning in total darkness. There you can’t see absolutely nothing, their staff will guide you through your new sensory journey. You can find such restaurant that relies on the concept ‘use feel, sound, taste, smell senses instead sight’ to enjoy in your favourite burger, in Paris, St Petersburg, London and Barcelona.

Have A Dinner Sky High

With top quality food served on the dinning tables Australia restaurant provides exciting experience for eating your meal in the sky. There is a restaurant in Sydney in which the dinning tables are designed to hold up to 22 strapped-in quests. In this restaurant you can enjoy your lunch or dinner on an impressive view on a height on over than 50 meters above the ground. Besides in Australia, this exceptional experience is now available in more than 40 countries world wide.

Dinner In a Former Toilet? ‘No Thanks’, or ‘Why Not’?

No matter how disgusting it sounds, such cafe really exists. It’s the Attendant Cafe in London. This cafe in which many people enjoy eating delicious food, was built in a former men’s lavatory, which was built in the 1800’s but fell into disuse in the 1960’s. The original look of the lavatory has remained untouched. The porcelain urinals are part of the inventory of the cafe. Of course, everything was washed thoroughly. But can you imagine eating in such environment? Do you think that this cafe is worth a try?