Looking at landscapes and skylines through goggles and a lens is how I like to see the world. I get a thrill from floating around in the ocean with flippers on my feet and the unknown below. It’s this reason I have made capturing this perspective my job. I’m constantly on the hunt for that perfect body of water whether it be a deep puddle beside the road or a beach with jagged cliffs behind.

My photography project “The World from The Water” has so far seen me photographing in the alpine lakes of New Zealand, beneath the medieval walls of Dubrovnik, in the ports of Italy’s Cinque Terre and the fountains of Paris and London.

So many destinations are on my wish list for 2016. It all began five years ago when I lived on a small tropical island in Australia and was bobbing around the reef with my goggles on. Being a little bit of a dreamer and obsessed with finding new angles, I was floating on the surface and started trying to line up my goggles so they were half under and half over the water at the same time… essentially seeing two worlds at once. All that went through my mind was, “Imagine if I had a camera that could photograph this”.

Luckily for me, waterproof cameras exist and I set out looking for clients who would swim for me while I built up my confidence photographing in an underwater environment. Every wave, every ocean and every lake are distinctive and its what makes underwater imagery such an exciting creative outlet for me. An adventure every time I jump in.

Below is a collection of my favourite split-level landscape photos from New Zealand to the calm clarity of the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas in Europe.

More info: thewanderinglens.com

The duck who thought my camera was a cookie, New Zealand

Riomaggiore, Italy

Lake Hawea, New Zealand

Chilling in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Dubrovnik Skyline from the Sea

Hvar Island, Croatia

Trafalgar Square Fountains, London

Manarola, Italy

In my Happy Place… at work