Nearly 58% of the US began working from home in recent weeks. It means that more than half of white-collar Americans are currently trying to make sense of how private life, work, and crisis can work under one roof. Meanwhile, Canadians are making sure to eliminate the stress of working from home altogether.

The email Mark Richardson received from his job at the Canadian Federal Government sets out some of the most reassuring remote work principles you could think of. The Ottawa-based man shared the guidelines, which are said to have originated with Parks Canada, on his Twitter account. The tweet soon went viral with 45.4K likes and 12.9K retweets. And honestly, we all knew it all along—just how impossibly nice Canadians can be.

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The remote working principles during the crisis read as follows

This man joined the thread to report he was the one who created the principles

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But Mark said they originated with Parks Canada

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Image credits: slavetothehat

A survey run by Statistics Canada on March 22 showed that 4.7 million Canadians who don’t normally work from home have started to in response to the pandemic. After the agency added all the people who normally do work from home for video classes and meetings, the number swelled to 6.8 million people. This makes up nearly 40% of Canada’s total workforce, CTV News reports.

Vancouver-based polling agency Research Co. reported that 73% of surveyed Canadians believe that the remote working trend will continue after the crisis ends. The same survey showed that 46% found it difficult working from home because of distractions, but 65% said they would be happy to continue doing it.

Others joined in to share their views on such an assuring gesture from the Canadian Government

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