My name is Noustha Koeckhoven. With my photos I like to take people along to my creative world full of fantasy. Children’s fantasies and fairy-tales come to life in my pictures. For my graduation at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam I chose to specialise in underwater photography as this brings me the closest to the fantasy world I want to create.

While preparing the series of underwater photos for my first children’s book “Wonderwater”, I found the beautiful underwater world of the Dutch Caribbean island Bonaire to be the perfect setting.

At first I knew nobody on the island, but everybody was so enthusiastic about the ideas that they were all willing to help. I organised casting days to find the right models, I have tested about sixty children on their abilities in the water and their looks and selected nine of them to be models in my underwater photos. Often the model and I had to work in the water for several hours just to produce that one unique breathtaking photo.

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