Read any article or book on marriage, and most will tell you that a good marriage isn’t about the wedding, the honeymoon or the diamond rings, but not everyone shares the same values – enter wedding ring shaming groups. This popular embarrassment phenomenon has spread across the internet, where women get to air their ‘grievances’ of not getting the engagement ring they feel they deserve or wanted. Well, recently one woman did just that about her cheap engagement ring (mind you that it is actually not inexpensive at all) but was not met with the response she expected.

The anonymous shamer shared the post on her diamond wedding ring in a shaming group on Facebook, which ended up spreading to Reddit. Instead of finding people to ‘roast’ her boyfriend with for his gold wedding ring choice, she was met with appropriate backlash, doubting that she deserved the marriage proposal in the first place. Scroll down below to read her post and see how people responded.

Recently a woman turned to a Facebook ring-shaming group to roast her boyfriend

But was not met with the response she expected

After the post went viral, the comments continued to roll in