Anyone who works in retail and customer service knows that rude people (among other things) are pretty much a daily occurrence, but this Starbucks barista had an experience with an angry woman in drive-thru that most of us would never even imagine.

The woman, who gave her name as Debbie, came to a Starbucks drive-thru on Monday. Perhaps she was just in need of her morning coffee, but she gave an employee a hard time due to the cafe’s outage of drink carriers. After reflecting on her actions, Debbie decided to make up for the “less than cheerful encounter” and came back the next day with a heartwarming apology to the berated barista.

The anonymous barista was understandably floored by what he received, and posted it on Reddit under the username CircleAddict. “As someone who has also worked in retail and food service in the past, [this] made my shriveled, black heart pump blood again,” one user commented. We don’t know where in the world Debbie is, but she’s spreading good karma, and that’s something to be applauded.

Greetings [Starbucks] Barista!

     Yesterday at your drive-thru we has a less than cheerful encounter. At no fault of yours, you were out of carriers [and] said you could not take my empty cup (trash). I was less than understanding [and] my manner was curt.

I need to apologize. The thought of leaving a trail of unkindness like that is so not the path I want to reflect. Not for you, not for me.

You are a young man, clearly working hard to build a future [and] you should be commended. Keep up your attitude of cheer [and] hope. Stay hopeful no matter what kind of people cross your path (or drive-thru).

[Surely], God has good [blessings] in store.

You taught this ole lady something yesterday about kindness, compassion, [and] staying humble.

I thank you! Debbie

God bless you today [and] all your todays.