Sometimes there is a belief that truly beautiful images can be done in a dream outdoors photo, preferably somewhere in an exotic foreign country. Meanwhile, there is such a famous place on Earth where it has already had a million good photographs. Is our next picture 1000001 return someone’s attention?

We should often look at our surroundings and find a lot of topics. The same place we shoot at different times of the year, while differing weather and at different times of the day or night. One approach I mentioned dozens of times, and if we add to this a variety of light is how we come out? Even within our house there are thousands of possibilities and if you multiply it by a couple of miles is how we come out?

Of course, not all pictures are great, and I don’t encourage you to shoot like a machine. Look around carefully and do not complain of the lack of topics. My photographs were created at a distance of not more than 10 km from my house. Within a few years, I made them 5,000 of which 1,500 are suitable for me to show. It took me so long because I work 10 hours a day and shooting left a few hours a week. But on vacation still tempts me to photograph the famous places, but to stand out in the crowd. Yet I did not do my photos.

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