Born and nurtured in beautiful Bulgaria, I’ve always put a special focus on Nature. I spend most of my time in the most beautiful villages in the heart of the mystic Rhodope Mountains looking for inspiration in all kinds of ancient sanctuaries and otherworldly places.

With the help of art, I strive to raise awareness about environmental issues and spread the word about how endangered our Nature is!

Creating beautiful, energetic and mysterious sculptures out of unneeded objects is part of my artistic credo. I speak my mind loud without saying a word. Working with different materials, especially with paper and wire, empowers me to share my feelings about over-consumption and environment in a natural way.

The wire is an elegant and expressive material that speaks to you; it carries a story and personal touch of an artist who uses it. That’s why I love it so much – I spend hours with my wire threads and each wire artwork is unique and personal in its own way.

I’ve participated in many mixed media performances, group exhibitions and solo exhibitions, including my nylon flowers revue in New York. I also hold MFA in Design of Children’s Environment from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Currently, I’m working on the collection that will include Zodiac and Greek mythology characters, inspired by the sky and star lights. Spelled by the magic of light, I plan to push my art inspiration to the new boundaries and, in a few months, NirVena light sculptures collection to be released.

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