I’m a photographer who regularly organizes photographic tours in Vietnam for fellow photographers from around the world. I enjoy these tours a lot since I can travel everywhere in my country and capture the beauty of everyday life.

I have a 3-year-old daughter Zinni who is an inspiration behind most of my photographs. I have taken many photos of her and in this way, I am documenting her growth each day.

As you may know, there are many methods of teaching children such as books, movies, schools and etc. But the method I chose is teaching through practical experience in order to give a direct approach to what happens in life. So my wife and I take our girl everywhere we go and teach her different life lessons. My daughter learns very quickly and I believe that when experiencing life, she will be able to distinguish between good and bad and have her own perspective on how she should act in certain situations.

This series was collected from ordinary moments with my wife and daughter. Photos are taken in various context, from the farthest places such as Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa or Saigon Street to small market around the corner.

By using GIFs I want to emphasize the details of each image and make it more interesting for the viewers.

I must admit that it is not easy to take photos of a child. Although my daughter is familiar with the camera, sometimes I have to give up on the idea because she doesn’t want to cooperate.

My message to everyone through these photos is to “not limit the visibility of children; and let them touch what they see”.

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A mother sacrifices her youth for your childhood, so remember to dedicate some of your youth to her when she’s old

If you don’t want the bubble to pop, don’t blow it but if you want to see its beauty – go for it without fear

Don’t play with those who stick their tongues out, play with those who smile at you

Don’t worry, child – cross the road and find your path

A girl has to learn how to cook. At least, she has to know how to cook with love

When you grow up, you will wish you were a kid again, and your mother just wishes to stop the time to hold you on her chest forever

A mossy rock is like dirty hands – full of experience

If you’re feeling sad, limit it only to today. Tomorrow will blow away your sadness like smoke in the wind

Child, remember that flower blooms in the sunlight, pinwheel spins in the wind and happiness is only possible when there is love

Life is like a train – you can only move forward