When we boarded the plane to Iran without having a visa prearranged, we suddenly got anxious if this was a wise thing to do. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions we have ever made to visit Iran! With the economic sanctions being lifted, now is maybe the best time to go and explore this magnificent country.

With all the media portraying Iran as one of the most dangerous places in the world, we were also reluctant to go. But honestly, we felt safer than on any of the other 40+ countries we’ve visited all over the world.

So what’s so great about Iran? First of all the authenticity. The globalisation nowadays makes it easy for us to explore any part of the world, but the down side is that a lot of places are losing their identity and starting to look alike. Iran has kept its authenticity due to its strong culture but maybe also because of the political isolation. Just like visiting North-Cyprus, we enjoyed not finding a McDonalds or Starbucks on every corner. But still it’s developed and safe enough to travel around on your own and find the best hotels and restaurants online.

With its warm Central-Asian culture you will be received everywhere as a VIP guest and random people on the streets will start a conversation with you, buying you food or even inviting you to sleep at their house while you’ve never met them before in your life! The stunning cultural heritage will leave your jaws hanging open so often, that at the end of the day it makes it easier to stuff your mouth with amazing kababs. Big chance you’ll have so much fun that on your last day, you might already start planning your next trip.

We are an Afghan-Dutch couple who started an endless world trip as a Honeymoon 15 months ago, and we’re still travelling. Because our country of birth (Afghanistan) was too dangerous to visit, we tried to find a similar experience in Iran, which was very successful. We hope one day we can travel around in Afghanistan and share its beauty with the rest of the world.

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Mosque In Yazd

Rooftop Views In Kashan

Amazing Architecture In Kashan

Beautiful Hammam In Kashan

Mountain Village Abyaneh

Stunning Islamic Art In Esfahan

Mouth Watering Kababs In Shiraz

Carpet Making

‘Carpet making has been in the family for generations’, she explained. The daughters learn it from their mothers at a young age. When the men go out for work, the women of the house earn some extra with these handmade carpets. It takes up to 10 months to finish one and it is sold for around 2000 dollars to a carpet dealer who ships them to the West and sells them for up to 20.000 dollars.

Ashura Practices In Shiraz

The fierceness of his eyes portrays his devotion for the practices around Ashura. Ashura is the 10th day of the Moharram, the month of sorrow when Shias throughout the world morn for the slahtering of holy Imam Hosseini at Karballah around 1400 years ago.

Kids Joining Ashura Practices In Yazd

Deep Emotion During Ashura Practices In Yazd

You’ll Have Lots Of Fun Too, Like We Had In These Sand Dunes Of Varzaneh Desert