We have a small bunny Sanctuary and we rescue bunnies that are too old or disabled to be adopted. Most of our buns came from the streets where they were abandoned to their fate. Some were rescued from neglect and abuse after spending many months in cages, forgotten. We take in the sick that require constant care. But they are all precious to us and we want to show everyone how sweet and loving bunnies can be. Each one of them has their own personality.

Occasionally we take pics of our buns with hats and wigs I have made for them. Some of our bunnies love to pose for pictures, others not so much, and if that is the case, we do not insist in taking their photographs. We post our pics on our Facebook page, The Bun Hatter. Our purpose in creating our little page has been to bring awareness of the wonderful additions that bunnies can make to your family. We hope our bunnies will bring joy to everyone knowing that they are happy, safe and healthy.

More info: Facebook

Amy Bunhouse

Willie Bunson

Obi Bun, you are my only hop


Inigo Buntoya

Bun Ross