I started doodling again. It’s been a long time. I had hyperemesis during my pregnancy and now I’m in lockdown with a baby!

I wanted to express how isolation felt. I felt isolated while ill and pregnant, I feel isolated because of my chronic pain, fibromyalgia and ME a whole lot and now we’re all isolated…

I decided to only draw Isolation Monster while my fibro flares and my pain is at its peak, a raw feeling that is expressed on paper with pen and ink. Now that we’re stripped back to essentials: essential travel, essential food etc; I chose to use only ink and step away from my usual digital illustration, painting and colour!

Isolation Monster is dark but really cute.

Isolation Monster lives in us all!

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Isolation Monster 01: Ghost

Hang in there


Where Is My Mind?

False Spring

Pain Domination


Isolation Monster Lives In Us All

I’m In The Basement, Baby

You’re In The Sky, I’m In The Basement, Baby

You Can’t Drop On By (Alone)