from childhood, I was very keen to click. back then, I didn’t have any camera or phone camera. so when I got my first camera phone (HTC one X) in 2013, I started clicking.

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can’t afford a DSLR as of now so trying to frame everything with a phone. 

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Nature over horizon – Bangalore, India – Xiaomi Mi4i

Dim it.. (An USB LED light on laptop) — Xiaomi Mi4i

The long journey – Indian train, Punjab — Xiaomi Mi4i

the small thing – Digam,Belgium – Xiaomi Mi4i

Cover the sky – Bangalore, india – Xiaomi Mi4i

set us free – Mumbai, India — Xiaomi Mi4i

Total fresh – Bangalore, India — Xiaomi Mi4i

Tiny river – the after splash of rain – Bangalore — Xiaomi Mi4i

beautiful death – after rain — Bangalore — Xiaomi Mi4i

tiny us .. Coorge, India — Xiaomi Mi4i

Shadow walk – Bangalore, india — Xiaomi Mi4i

Morning glory , Bangalore — Xiaomi Mi4i

Pin it — Bangalore — Xiaomi Mi4i

Countryside — Rajasthan, India — Xiaomi Mi4i

Incredible India – Bangalore — iphone5

fresh as morning – Bangalore – Xiaomi Mi4i

Into the woods – Xiaomi Mi4i