This is an imaginary project featuring different landmarks from all over the world if they were in Egypt and landmarks from Egypt if they were in other places.

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Rio Christ / Saint Catherine

Louvre Museum / The Giza Pyramids

Eiffel Tower / Moez Street

Sydney Opera House / Aswan

Saint Basil’s Cathedral / Cairo streets

Cairo Tower / Eiffel Tower

Baron Palace

London Eye / The Nile

The Pyramids

Saad Zaghloul Statue / The Statue Of Liberty

Sphinx / The Jungle

Stanley Bridge / France

Groppi / Annecy, The Venice Of France

Naguib Mahfouz Statue / Grand Buddha Statue

Cairo University / Italy

Big Ben / El Korba (Cairo)

The Citadel of Salah ElDin / Taj Mahal

Statue of Liberty at Alexandria

Colosseum at Alexandria