So we all know the cool pictures of Darth Vader going to the grocery store and buying gift cards, receiving some for fathers day and doing all kind of daily stuff imaginable.
We thought: how about a documentation of how that might look with our newest Star Wars starlets, Kylo Ren and Rey from Episode VII? So we went to our local mall and we did that amazing photoshoot you can see below.

It was so much fun although all three of us nearly fainted at the beginning because we were such nervous wrecks. But it worked out pretty fine, which is great. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did in the making process.

This definitely fits

Draw me like one of your Coruscant Girls

Would make a good picture on the front page of Hoth Boulevard

Can I have this? Pwetty please?

Not gonna work out

Find the toys, kill the rest.

Nope, just nope

There is no caption for this

Take it already!

Aaaall by myyyseeelf…