Hi! My name is Arielle. Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with abandoned places. I’ve photographed many, many abandoned homes, farms, schools, even a bunker. But I’ve never photographed a place quite like the old Glasgow MT Air Force Base.

Built for the Cold War and abandoned soon after, this place was designed to house over 10,000 military personnel and their families.

Since it closed, it’s become a magnet for trouble. Condo associations fight over it and rip people off. Freemen tried to take it over awhile back.

Boeing owns and maintains the giant runway and airplane hangers. It’s where they test their secret projects, so you end up seeing all kinds of odd things here! They’re very tight with security so you’re watched wherever you go and must stay out of testing areas.

I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken in various seasons on my visits to the old AFB (now named Saint Marie).

I was shown around the old movie theater a few summers back and was very surprised and pleased to see that it was still in great shape, unlike the hospital and many condos etc.

With a little cleaning, this place could be up and running again. But who needs a beautiful movie theater in an abandoned ghost Air Force Base?

Former Glasgow MT AFB Movie theater – Very Well Preserved!

Let’s Get Closer!

Tickets, Anyone?

And a View from the Other Side

Candy or Popcorn?

Men and Ladies



The Theater

Still in Great Condition!

Just a Little Dusty

Look at Those Curtains!

Lights Intact

View from the Stage

What’s Through that Door?

Former Dressing Room, Now Storage

Mirrors and Seat Cushions

Another Dressing Room

This Theater Was Good for Movies or Stage Shows!





Not Even a Stain on the Ceiling

Let’s Visit the Projection Room!

Projection Room

Projection Room

Projection Room


View of the Stage

View from the Projection Room

G E Fluorescent Lamp

View from the Roof Outside Projection Room – Former Glasgow AFB

View from the Roof Outside Projection Room – Former Glasgow AFB

View from the Roof Outside Projection Room – Former Glasgow AFB

The Theater and Parking Lot As Seen from Google Maps