I am a graphic designer and illustrator who loves music so I decided to combine my passions into one project. Here is a look at 40 of the lyric illustrations from my collection (In total I have reached over 100 drawings now).

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The goal of this project is to explore different hand lettering styles and illustration techniques. It's also a lot of fun for me to bring the imagery and vibe of a song to life. I create these not for a profit, but for my love of music and simply sharing creative art with others. Take a browse and see if you recognize your favorite songs below I also take lyric requests and love to hear what others are listening to. Comment your favorite song and I might just illustrate it!!

To stay up to date with my lyric series follow along below. ALSO, please give credit to me if you re-post any of my illustrations. Stealing artwork is not cool! *Liam Neeson voice* I will find you...

More info: Instagram | behance.net