When I asked people from my home town Hull to contact me with their favourite film character, scene and local location in order to recreate their favourite movie moment I didn’t know what to expect.

Within hours my phone went crazy! Dozens of enthusiastic callers were talking to me with amazing ideas about the film moment they wanted to recreate.

As a result some weekends I was shooting twelve Hullywood Icons photographs a day each with a different set up, character and location.

So far over I’ve created over 130 Hullywood Icons images that celebrate the people and city of Hull.

Each photograph is a highly collaborative endeavour with participants bringing costume, props and setting up location permissions to create the shoot.

More info: hullywoodicons.com

‘Castaway’ at the Humber Bridge starring Jim Wardlaw

‘Singing in the Rain’ in Hull’s Old Town starring Rich Sharp Wilson

‘The Wild One’ outside Rayners Bar starring Charles Huckvale and Bandanarama

‘Girl with a Pearl Earing’ in the Black Boy Pub starring Milly-Rose

‘The Third Man’ at Hull Fair starring Rick Gilroy

‘Kill Bill’ location fruit starring Liesel Cobby

‘Wolverine’ in East park starring Richard Hall

‘Dr. No’ at the Humber Bridge starring Sarah Rose Crawford

‘Notting Hill’ at Rupert’s house starring Rupert Creed