Have you ever asked yourself what will happen if you just mix all the products from your shopping list? Does that seem weird? Have a look at the fridge note with the goods you need to buy from the supermarket and imagine what your shopping menu will look like.

This is what the photographer Tom Lakeman is doing. He created a whole culinary book, based on shopping list products. He’s been collecting them for over 8 years now, assembling meals that contain unrelated elements, such as cigarettes and salad, for example.

Tom says that his work reveals different identities of people. That’s how the author creates meals, which seems completely normal at first, but when you look closely, you realise that’s not the case. See what they contain below.

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Battery Sandwich

Ingredients: Two batteries; Fruit bread; Flowers; Vegetables

Silk Cut Salad

Ingredients: Salad; Bacon; Cigarettes; Crisps

Cheesy Tongue with Washing Powder

Ingredients: Tongue; Cheese; Orange juice; Lemon; Sausages; Washing Powder; Bran flakes

Vegan Muffin Cat Treat

Ingredients: Cat food; Cucumber; Muffin form; Candle

All-Purpose Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Ingredients: Floor cleaner; Kitchen cleaner; Baby wipes; Tissues; Hand-wash

Plug Sandwich with Mayo

Ingredients: Batery plugs; Mayonaisse

Japanese Cotton Noodles

Ingredients: Cotton Buds; Cereal; Milk; Lemon Juice

Toilet Paper Tuna Spring Rolls

Ingredients: Toilet paper; Olive oil; Canned fish; Vegetables

Strawberry Washing Powder Mess with Lemon Juice

Ingredients: Juice; Strawberry jam; Washing liquid