Web designer from Belgrade told cat protector organization Cat Care Community about taking pictures of street cats.

My name is Marija Zaric. I am from Belgrade, Serbia.

I had cats since my childhood: big garden, a lot of trees and a lot of cats. Their names were: Mica, Cica, Peca, Crnja….

Unfortunately, for the last 15 years of living in apartment I miss that freedom. The smell of the lilac tree, cats runing in and outside the house, fresh baked cookies. At the moment that I am writing this text, I can feel the smell of it. Happy 80’s.

That is why I love street cats and started to take photos of them as a remainder of my youth.

I don’t think that they should live in apartments. They are free spirits and need a lot of space.

I see myself as the black cat. There are a lot of them around here. Cat is a magical and a bringer of good luck.

They are independent and funny. The street cats are taken care of by the local citizens. There are good people.

They are giving them the food, water and shelter in the local buildings.

A couple of months ago while walking through the city I saw a little black cat left alone and ill on the street. I had to help her. After and hour of standing by her and yelling out loud if someone is willing to adopt her, finally a girl who loves cats took care of her. Now she is healthy. I also have a cats in my neighbour. Everybody is giving them the food. We have one which is called: Grebalica. In English language it is a

Scraper, or a cat who adore to scratch you with her claws, while sitting on the fence and watching something in the distance.

One interesting thing about one black cat that was standing on the roof at the local market place is that she, according to the locals, doesn’t like to eat salty food even if it is a salty fish which is hilarious.

They have nine lives, maybe ten. They are strong and can survive urban streets and cities. Cats enjoy the sun on the roofs and on the fences of the gardens. Cats are a little gods. I understand why Egyptians appreciated them. I despise the time when they exterminate them.

Cats are not our pets, but our little furry friends. A cat is a cat and that is that.

What do you think about homeless cats living outdoors? Send us your opinion, and we will make a great article about it.

Pictures link: https://unsplash.com/@simplicity

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