Georgia – is a country of stunning beauty, lovely people and fine local food. And Svaneti is it`s most beautiful part. It opened for tourists just a couple of decades ago and now it’s becoming more popular. Caucasus mountain range there is unbelievably gorgeous. There are a lot of hikes in the mountains and a rich historical heritage to learn about, like the Svanetian defence towers from the 10th century, which are 8-9 stories high, or the highest village in Europe – Ushguli.

I and my friends go there 2-3 times a year and we adore it with all of our hearts. Take a glance of what you may find in Svaneti.

More info:

Stunning landscapes

From Mheeri mountain you can overlook Mestia – capital of Svaneti and admiry Caucasus mounains

Great Shkara mountain, 5200m

Yummy little horses

At the peak of Mheeri Mountain you can find hearders wiht powerfull horses

Laila, 4km-high beauty

Adorable cows

Meadows of Shkhara Mountain 5,2km high are teeming with happy cows :)

Magnificent Ushba mountain

Ushba is the most popular mountain to climb in Svaneti

Mountains of great beauty

Superb hiking routs

Dazzeling rivers

Everchanging weather

And lots and lots of midblowing views

1000-years-old Svanetian Towers

The top of mount Mheeri

Latali community in Svaneti