In November we came up with an idea for a calendar and we didn’t have much time left with the new year approaching.
For most of the dogs it was the first time in their lives to be in front of the camera.
It took a lot of work and many nights to accomplish our goal and we could not have done it without the help of the dog rescue volunteers!

Unfortunately Lucky, our October Dog passed away a couple days ago.
He had a long life and was loved greatly.
We are glad that we had the chance to work with that sweet dog.

With this project, We are trying get the local rescues as much exposure as possible to find forever homes for these pups.

We also want to show that these rescued dogs can be great companions like any AKC certified dog.

We have adopted one rescue dog that was in the calendar (try to guess which one) she’s great!

3 rescues that were involved in project:
Louisiana Dog Rescue
For the Love of Pits Rescue and Rehabilitation
Rockers Rescue -Northwest La

If you’d like to know more about our work or get details about the calendar check out our Facebook page: