We’d noticed a number of our staff regularly checking themselves out around the office in the reflections of pretty much anything that was relatively shiny – the microwave door, windows, phone screens – you name it, they were lingering for a suspiciously long time in front of it.

So we got to thinking: just how vain was our office, and how could we test this?

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Step 1 – Add Mirrors

The obvious first step would be to put up a lot of mirrors in the office, however being obvious was out of the question.

If we were really going to capture genuine live vanity in action, then we required unsuspecting victims highly valued staff

We decided to use mirrored furniture instead for our vanity traps. All the reflections, none of the suspicion.

Step 2 – Strategic Placement

The mirrors had to be put in the right places around the office, with an emphasis on maximum footfall and peak loitering potential.

There were some no-brainer locations, such as the front door, the kitchen and meeting rooms

We also placed some other pieces next to likely suspects. To keep up the natural appearance we redecorated the office on an evening when no one was around.

Step 3 – The Next Day

The scene was set but we weren’t ready to roll just yet, with the cameras needing to be turned on before everyone arrived.

Step 4 – Sit back and watch the vanity!

There was lots of hair checking…

…make-up preening

and sly glances in meetings!

Watch what happened in full here