I’ve spent a lot of time being uncomfortable with my body. When I was young, I was severely underweight and constantly told that I was anorexic, and now I am overweight and constantly being told that I should be making more effort to lose weight. I can’t remember the last time that I was happy with my body. I’m not sure that I ever have been.

At the start of August, a friend pointed out a project done by Jess Fielder Photography where women of all shapes and sizes held up two different cards. One where they wrote down something that they had been told was wrong with them, and another where they wrote down something great about themselves. The project hit close to home for me, and I approached women in my small community to see if they wanted to be involved – because one person hardly a project makes. There was an outpouring of love and enthusiasm from people I barely knew, and some I didn’t know at all.

People don’t realise how their words stick. Some of the women’s quotes were from years before, some from days before. Some were laughed off, some were written all over the faces of those taking part. I’m sure that many of them were said with well-meaning intentions, but all of them hurt and formed us into the women that we are today.

These photographs are the results of what came to be known as Project: Self Love, titled after Jess Fielder’s own project.

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You’re too fat to be loved

The cross made me flawless

*Crying* You’ve put on so much weight!

I am an awesome photographer, an awesome friend and I am loved almost as much as I love others

Pity your legs are so short…

Nerdy witty geek girl (and owning it!)

You were so pretty when you were skinnier

My laugh is a roar that won’t be tamed

Jump for me!

I love your smile

Why don’t you wear any makeup?

I’m kind to animals

Only sailors and criminals get tattoos

Poets, cynics, dreamers and really awesome moms have them too :D

You would be so beautiful if you just lost some weight

I am intelligent and marvelously geeky

Floppy stomach, love handles

I am a woman, I am a mother, that’s my super power!

You would be so pretty if you lost weight

I am open minded friendly & I am worthy

A flat chested woman is not a real woman

I think, a lot!

You can’t wear a bikini on the beach with a body like that

I am strong, intelligent & confident!

This body has created & formed another whole body inside it!