We are Commune DIY (CDIY) - the first skateboard recycling workshop in Lithuania and skateboarding community supporter. A young and ambitious team of skateboarders and those sympathetic to skateboarding culture work together to inspire new generation of skaters, make better conditions for them to grow, create a space for a non-formal education and spread the benefits of skateboarding and inevitability of recycling.

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We collect and exchange old, broken or unused skateboard decks giving the skaters a fat discount on our fresh boards or handmade recycled skateboard products. We design and manufacture a variety of products out of the reclaimed skate wood. Our production goes from bulk business gifts to very delicate and one of a kind custom pieces.

While boosting the once dead board into different markets for a sustainable and useful item we support local riders and aim for a stronger skateboarding community worldwide.

CDIY started in 2014, as a shelter indoor skate park for skaters to hide from the bad weather and develop their skills (since the cold season usually lasts 7 months in Lithuania). Seeing that the space was too small, we have put aside the skate park idea to grow and started to experiment with broken skateboards that were laying around. Tool after tool – we have come up with something. And that something led us into believing we can do a world-wide impact on the skateboarding culture.

As we know today there are 14M skateboarders in the world and counting. Every day around 6K boards are broken and go to the landfill. We surely leave a bad mark in global pollution by basically throwing away broken boards that last around few months. Skateboards recycling is a must. And as they say– start from yourself. Commune DIY stands for a better and stronger community for skateboarders that takes matters and initiative into their own hands. Same as jumping off a ten stair rail – only you’re able to do it.

Here, in CDIY workshop we are now able to recycle hundreds of broken boards and produce all sorts of products for different markets in the world. Our production goes from bulk business orders to very delicate and one of a kind custom orders. We also experiment in the workshop and have some goods of our own available to buy instantly. The passionate skaters working for CDIY bring all their hearts into making great quality products out of recycled skateboards. And yeah, we create work spaces for skateboarders too.

More info: cdiy.eu | Facebook | Instagram