We love photography and all the tools and equipment that comes with it – especially the cameras. We adore the vintage and analogue pieces from past times. Within our imagination we already create a little museum out of all our cameras that are resting within our shelves.

But resources are limited and that’s why we focus on reality and put all our passion for classic cameras and make them available for you in a different form. We are announcing: Our Camera Quartet!

Why a card game?

The original card game „Quartet“ has its roots in the Netherlands and has also been very popular in Germany for decades. Maybe you know it under a different name: Go Fish, Happy Families, Jeu de familles, Gioco delle famiglie,… We all have childhood memories of playing Quartet and comparing all the different racing cars, dinosaurs or football players together. I still know that the big, scary T-Rex wasn’t as scary in the game and that you´ve had much more chances to win with the big plant eaters. I also still remember some of their original, Latin names.

We want to use this side effect in our camera Quartet. By playing a fun game you can learn something about photography as well. Of course, there are numerous books about camera history out there, but we like the idea of playing a funny game with our loved ones. That’s why we decided to create a camera Quartet.

Who’s we?

idea and concept: Katja Kemnitz

illustrations: Regina Cekaskin

card design: Lisa-Marie Kaspar

You like the idea? Help us to make it a reality!

More info: indiegogo.com