We did an experiment and in various meeting rooms of our office we left sets of classic LEGO bricks. Why You ask? LEGO is everyone’s childhood toy, but as we have learned it could be a great tool for grown-ups and a must for a modern creative office. We first saw this idea at the University of Amsterdam. We learned that working on fine motor skills help to concentrate or relax. It is also a great tool to visualize and present your thoughts during the meeting as well as foster ones creativity. While at the beginning some were skeptical now the LEGO sets are used by everyone whether while talking on phone or brainstorming with colleagues.

What is even more fun as we are a group of companies Modus Group, at our office in Vilnius, under one roof we have many different companies from different areas of business: renewable energy, car-sharing service CityBee team or real estate projects team. With an office full of start-up managers and engineers we always find a beautifully constructed LEGO surprises! More and more of our offices in different countries are adopting this unusual practice. Recommend you try it as well.