Do you know when you are a child and with a stick and a towel around your neck you became powerful knights fighting dragons? We grew up like this and as adults, we wanted to make it ALL real.

Skyrim is a game that has marked us as players where almost everything is possible and there is an infinite amount of possibilities. For that game we have started to create the full weaponry of Skyrim.

We use a process known as cold forging to create our props with resin and aluminum powder to make them as realistic and heavy as possible. We really put a fondness that you can not imagine in each replica that we create and we always follow a minimum requirement: If we would not buy it, it is not good enough.

We want to create the best props that really fulfill what we expect from them when you see them in the game.

Here we leave you part of our collection and hope you like it !! You can find more about us on Facebook or Etsy looking for WARBLADE STUDIO.

And remember!! If you are the Dovahkiin…Keep calm and FUS ROH DAH!!!!

More info: Facebook

Skyrim daggers

Skyrim swords

Nordic and Daedric sword

Dragon Bone Sword

Skyrim daggers

Skyrim daggers

Mehrunes and Dragon Bone dagger

Skyrim elven pack

Skyrim axes