We are two sisters from Norway: Emilie and Madeleine Hamn, that have a passion for music and photography . As two sisters out of a set of triplets, we want to use Our photos to inspire others and tell Our story.The result is interesting and unique photos to put on Instagram accounts.

We use to collaborate on the pictures to take. By linking collectively the artwork of images and the magic of music, we really feel that we’re able to create one thing new and totally different.A separate artistic expression. We get plenty of concepts and ideas from nature. There we will let our emotions free, and inform our story by way of picture. Emilie stands for modifying and concepts, whereas I Madeleine stand by emotions associated to music. Music has all the time been an enormous a part of my life and its an enormous a part of who I’m as an individual

Our photos is inspired by music, fairy tales, and art, to tell Our story and Express Our feelings. We put Our photos on Our instagram accounts: @artphotographer17 and @birdmadeleine.