My new painting series is called Grass Landscape.

The watercolors portrays women who are in peace with themselves and with life. The landscapes around them reflect their emotional state and act as spatial extension in complete harmony with matter. That is why I treat this series of paintings as an allegory of female empowerment, each of which brings a narrative itself, but together they tell a story that portrays the woman as the protagonist of her own story. The grass was chosen as a symbolic element to represent nature, and not always represented in the realistic sense, in the paintings.

Organically, I made quick thin strokes to relate the visual elements of women’s plants and hair, linking them to natural elements and one to each other.

The color palette is very simple, depicting the delicacy of the female soul, but the subtle composition of each painting seeks to reinforce the idea that the universe of women is deeply intertwined with nature, with the production of life, with beauty , and the power of being a woman.

All paintings are watercolors made in Hahnemuhle Anniversary Edition paper 425gsm, size 36×48 cm (14’x19 ‘), produced in 2018, by me.

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