The country needs a common sense third party candidate. He is taking the election process by storm.

His name is Fibbs, and yes, he’s a rat.

This is Fibbs. On January 30, 2016 he announced he is running for President in the newly formed Donutcratic Party.

He traveled around the nation spreading his message of “donuts for eberyone!”

Talking to the people at their local eateries (and sharing their food)

He fought hard to win every state in the primaries

Standing out in the heat to greet the voters, whatever it took!

His common sense approach of ‘Peace, Love and Donuts” helped him win the debates

Of course you have to practice what you preach.

He voted in the primaries (for himself of course!)

But who is he? Fibbs graduated from the finest school

and he made friends with the military.

He celebrates the 4th of July like the rest of us,

and likes to relax by jamming on his guitar.

But before he ran for President, he had a regular job, just like you and me.

Then it was time! His brother, Milo, was brimming with excitement to start the festivities at the first annual Donutcratic Conbenshun!

His brother Wimbley gave a powerful endorsement speech

Then Milo introduced the rat himself …

and Fibbs made a heart felt nom-nomination acceptance speech any convention has eber seen! Remember, Hillary and Trump are not your only options. Vote Fibbs and vote often!

for a little sanity in this election cycle, join us at or on Facebook ( and join the Donutcratic movement!